Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Garden Update June 2019

You want some pictures?  

We had an abundance of yellow squash and zucchini until, the dreaded vine borer moth showed up. Just like clockwork. Even with me skipping a few growing cycles. I actually saw the moth, itself, flying around. A month later and all the zuke plants were done for. The 'green' squash and another yellow, too. 

Nothing like fresh, out of the garden produce. 

Popcorn. I have about 6 ears filling in nicely. Let's hope the squirrels and raccoons stay away. 

The taters under hay experiment doesn't look great. We had more than a couple of days of 100* temps and I neglected them. Haven't flowered yet, so I haven't looked to see if any taters are under there. We'll see.

A volunteer mater. Not sure what it is. I hope cherry but, whose to say?  Behind it is a tigger melon. Haven't had any luck with them. 

The green and yellow squash plants graveyard. There's cukes back along the fence in this bed. 

Beefsteak and Dad's Sunset maters. I harvested and sliced one today. Tastes very good. Nice acid flavor. 

Basil, dill, and cilantro.


Green pepper for the Senior Whoa-man (MIL)

More cukes. Loaded. 

The zuke plants graveyard. Beautiful plants. Also, a patch of crook-neck squash. I lost to the vine borer (so far). I'm not holding my breath to see if any survive. 

Garlic died back this year. I'll leave it be and see what becomes of it next Spring. To the left is lavender. 

More zuke. I planted this one and the next pic at the same time. This one right here, outside. 

The other zuke. Planted along with the pic above, only inside in a cup. What a difference? 

A tub full of spearmint. 
That's pretty much what's been going on. Watering with very little weeding. I guess I'm stuck with the vine borer. I give up fighting it. I'll continue planting, early, and take what I get. Then, plant again middle of August and see what I can get for a fall harvest.


  1. Is your garden in full sun, or partial shade? Just curious. All the rain and heat pretty much did in most of what I planted.

    That and fire ants got in one of my planters. Killed 4 cucumber plants getting rid of them. The other two aren't really producing.

    Then I read they are wind pollinated not bee. As windy as it's been here, probably blowing the pollen right away.

    I read where one person dug the worms put of whatever it was and covered them with mulch. Seems like a lot of work, but I guess if you want the veggies..

    Really, your garden looks great.

    Be safe and stay cool!

    1. Partial shade. I get about 6 - 7 hours of sun.

      Cukes wind pollinated? Not that I ever heard. They're a member of the squash family and pollinate the same way; bees as primary. The only wind pollinated plants I have are the tomatoes and corn.

      I'm pleased with what I have this year. Seems everything is slow to produce and harvest, though.


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