Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Green Crookneck Squash

The squash I planted this year is called, Crookneck - early golden summer. 3 of the plants are producing fruit at this time. 2 of them have yellow fruit while the 3rd is producing a green fruit. I researched and found a green crookneck variety called, Cousa. Not sure if the seeds were mixed at the grower or if these are heirloom and diverting back to origins or what?

Green. Not bright yellow like I'm used to. 
It's not the mosaic virus. These start out green while the mosaic virus changes once infected.

This is new to me. Never have I seen a green crookneck.

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  1. Only thing I can think is either the seeds got mixed, like you think, or it will mature later. Maybe a later variety?


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