Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Garden May 2019

Only been 11 days since last pics. Things are growING!

Each year I tell myself I'm going to plant an enormous amount of veggies. I always end up planting a small handful, scattered around the yard and let it go at that. This year (right now) I've changed gears and will do what I've told myself.  I've also decided to install a fence and till up a 25' x 25' yard garden. Yeehaw! I have a small electric tiller/cultivator that works marvelous. It takes a little time to complete a large task but, once everything is loosened up it's a breeze.

The fence will keep the chickens at bay. I can release them from their enclosure (tractor), just need to fence in the taters and corn, again. I'll work on that.
I've changed my mind on the raised beds (in a box) too. Difficult to manage. I'll keep the ones I already have this year. When they've completed their task, they're out and incorporated into the yard garden.

I cheaped out on wire fence and used some old storm windows to finish the short side. I also cut down some chain link fence posts and drove them in the ground to anchor some 1 1/4" wood posts I made. I've tilled an 8' x 25' section so far. One more tilling and I'm putting seeds in the ground. 

The taters could stand some more hay but, I saw a video where a feller plants his deep and let's them grow. He has more than enough to last him throughout the year with no additional work. These are my experiment. Let's see what happens.

The horrific chicken tractor. It was protecting the taters and corn. Now, the chickens are in lock down. One day soon, a new and improved/lightweight tractor will exist and this monster will be gone. 

The backside view. Along the privacy fence ending at the screen, from right to left, is my composting area. A bunch of 'gardener's gold' in there. 

Yellow squash. I still have them covered as a preventive method. Protecting them from the vine borer. There shouldn't be any borers this year. I didn't plant squash last year and that should've broken the cycle. More squash will go into the yard garden unprotected.

Tom Thumb head lettuce looks great. This variety is supposed to grow a head about the size of a baseball. Just right for me.

The purple cauliflower bolted. Not sure if the broccoli will form a head or not. The brussels sprouts have just begun to grow. They'll probably bolt, too. I'll plant cold weather crops again in the fall.

Lastly, let's not forget the squirrels. Those destructive pests are out there right now hiding their nuts in my freshly tilled areas. Time to pump up the pellet gun.

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  1. Invite the squirrels to dinner. ..
    Everything looks great. Make do with what you got and it worked. :)


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