Thursday, March 14, 2019

Cucumber Fence/Trellis. Mower Table. Tree Trimming

Warm today. Was out this morning building a cucumber cage and trellis. Pesky chickens! 

In work but, should keep the chickens at bay. 
My riding mower isn't wanting to play this year. I may or may not work on it. In the meantime, I need a way to load my push mower in and out of the truck. I still mow the MIL's yard, after-all. Spring and early summer I don't think I'll mind pushing the mower. But, come the dog day's of summer, I may change my mind. 

I put my tailgate down and rear the front wheels onto the table. Push the mower forward and rear the wheels into the tailgate. It works. I had another table a few years back that I used. Got to save my back. I am retired and don't need to hurt myself. 
Broke out the pole chainsaw, too. The neighbor's tree has been harassing me for quite some time.

Haul it to the road or mulch it for future gardening? I'll think on it some. 

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  1. So do you take the table to the MIL's to load and unload the mower? I see some lumber / pallets stacked there. How about a ramp?
    Your garden is looking good right now. :)


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