Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Hodge Podge

Wet and gloomy morning didn't stop me from getting out and doing some things in the backyard. The chickens haven't laid an egg since I put them on lockdown so, I'm thinking they're just not ready to give 100%. I turned them a-loose back into the yard. But, not before I covered my garden beds.

They love it under my trailer. Nice and dry and bathing worthy.

I went ahead and transplanted my beets. This year is all experimental and I heard/read beets will grow in just about any weather/conditions. Let's find out if its' too early. Shall we?

If it's too early, I have more seeds.

I started 2 broccoli seeds on the 9th of February. Todays' the 12th

See it? 3 days!!

And, finally I installed some more of the fence boards. I need 14 more and the yard will be totally complete. Then I can run around nekkid. 

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