Sunday, July 15, 2018

I'm Back...

..for how long? Who knows? Starting fresh.

I noticed Blogger left me a message stating something about European Union (EU) laws requiring notifications to Europeans about the use of cookies. NO more Open ID commenting. NO more third party widgets and some other technical crap that makes no sense to me.  Apparently, I'm supposed to agree to these changes?  Hmmm.

Anyway all is well out yonder. I will say, some feller named, Jack stopped by and left me some 'magical' seeds.

Not beans but, birdhouse gourds. It's been growing about 6" a day. 

 ..more on the the birdhouse gourds.  I had seeds in the ground next to an old dead, almost gone stump. Had a different tree removed and this stump. The guy also mixed dirt and chips all around. I figured the gourds were gone for this year. Lo and behold. MAGIC.  And they came up in a perfect spot.

These are called 'Tigger Melons'. Softball size. Sweet. First time grown for me.

Popcorn!  It's tasseling and there's a few ears.  No children among 'em, yet.

For the past several years I've had problems with vine borer bugs. This year I covered these for their first 2 months. By George, I think we've licked 'em. 

Store bought cantaloupe. (Just to see if they'll grow.) Looks like it.

Hummingbird and butterfly plants. Probably too late for blooms but, next year, watch out.  Additional cuke and squash, also. 

Not that I need this, at the moment, but it's a great memento of my service, and I'll be able to beat the hell out of somebody when I get senile.  :)
That's it for now. It's been so hot here Buster Poindexter visited and sang a song.