Thursday, March 14, 2019

Cucumber Fence/Trellis. Mower Table. Tree Trimming

Warm today. Was out this morning building a cucumber cage and trellis. Pesky chickens! 

In work but, should keep the chickens at bay. 
My riding mower isn't wanting to play this year. I may or may not work on it. In the meantime, I need a way to load my push mower in and out of the truck. I still mow the MIL's yard, after-all. Spring and early summer I don't think I'll mind pushing the mower. But, come the dog day's of summer, I may change my mind. 

I put my tailgate down and rear the front wheels onto the table. Push the mower forward and rear the wheels into the tailgate. It works. I had another table a few years back that I used. Got to save my back. I am retired and don't need to hurt myself. 
Broke out the pole chainsaw, too. The neighbor's tree has been harassing me for quite some time.

Haul it to the road or mulch it for future gardening? I'll think on it some. 

Monday, March 11, 2019

Let the Planting Pics Begin

2 mater seedlings and some lettuce. I'll transplant these in a few weeks.

Broccoli and cauliflower bed.

Crook-neck squash. It's still a little early to transplant but, I went for it, anyway. 

Cucumber. In with the squash. Still need to direct sow another and build a trellis. Plenty of time.

Maters all snugged up in the hay. 

The kale has been out for quite a while now. This is where my beets were stolen. 

Carrots (or K-rots) as we call them. They'll go in with the maters when they dry out some. 

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Too Early?

I'm trying to plant by the moon this year. I always like to try different ways to grow. So, March 8th I transplanted broccoli, cauliflower and sowed brussels sprouts and some more beets and onions. Well, today was so warm and my maters and squash were busting at the seams inside. I decided to transplant them as well. Also, the cuke.  The moon says transplant April 13th at the earliest. If it's too cold or a frost comes, I have plenty of time to resow. 

I didn't harden them off, either - which is customary. The squash and cuke are embedded under some hay and netting/screens. Should be safe from winds/hard rains. The maters are only protected with hay. I'll cover them if I see a frost coming. 

Saw this on Chivalrous Family Farms Facebook page. (thanks Jeri) 

Hopefully, we'll have a drier year than 2018.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

The Freeze is Gone.

Weather forecast for the last 2 days was early morning lows in the 20s. Well, we can always add 5 degrees to whatever Raleigh says. We reached 31 yesterday and it's 33 this morning. They say the freezing is over. While looking at 'my' forecasting site, I agree. Still, a bunch of rain predicted but, at least, no more freeze.

The moon says I can transplant and sow my cold crops tomorrow. With an evening rain coming, it's the perfect time.

Nothing else happening. We're on standby until tomorrow.

I did have a GERD attack last night. Not the burning pain associated with the reflux. The pain in the diaphragm. Last year, I was admitted to the VA and had numerous tests run for what I thought was a heart attack. Nothing found to be a problem. They said, GERD. Well, okay. It's still quite painful and worrisome.

OH! I hopped on a Peloton bike the other day. Rode it so long and hard, the trainer in the video, pleaded with me to stop.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Biscuit Master

I've struggled with biscuits for years. Every once in a while they'd turn out good. But, the rest of the time they sucked. So much that I'd throw my hands in the air and give up. Only to come back and try again and again. Well, I was watching YouTube the other week and found a video. I've watched them before, but this one caught my eye. 'Biscuits for one. Very easy.'  By George, I've done it! And, it's been working consistently. I've finally become the Biscuit Master!  All the name brand biscuit manufacturers have called wanting me to work for them. They cried when I declined. 

Just starting to brown. That last biscuit always comes out deformed. Light, fluffy and tasty just like the others, though. 
Biscuit, eggs, grits and sausage. Sausage gravy slathered on biscuit and eggs. Tasty.
I'm stuffed and may need a nap.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Simon says, RAIN!

Another giant rainstorm passed through last night. Hard rain. Haven't been outside to assess the happenings out yonder (it's 4:30 am) but, I'll bet my rain barrel filled to capacity. Couple days ago we had days and days of rain. Enough to start the roof leaking again. Little drips drop onto the stove top. I've been on the roof, in between showers, finding nail pops and filling the area with Black Mammy. (tar in a bucket) It worked. No more drips. Sooner than later my patching will stop and we'll break down and have a new roof installed. Oh bother!

Wonder how the netting did on the raised bed? If the hoops are going to bend and falter this rain will be the one that causes it. The whoa-man picked up some more hula hoops. The cashier noticed one was crimped and asked if another was needed for replacement? 'No, it'll still work in the garden, just fine.' So far, not one chicken has even attempted to get in. Nor a squirrel. I'm surprised. Course, there's only baby beets under there. Let's hope they don't go for my broccoli and cauliflower when it's transplanted. (end of the week)

Just in from unlocking the chickens and checking things out. It's daybreak and nothing seems any different. Except, the water barrel. It's slam full. My simple design is working grrreat!

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Where's My Plants?

It was foggy, as I trudged through the wet tundra to the back 40. The sun was up (daylight) anyway. I heard the chickens rustle in the coop as I passed by the window and reached to unlock their door. "Thummp!". Esther hit the floor and was on the porch just as I opened the door.

I walked over to check on my kale, beets and the lonely lettuce seedling. Beet leaves and the tiny lettuce plant are GONE! Rabbit? Vole? I'll look around later, as the fog burns off...

Hmm. Nothing unusual out there. No sign that I can make out. Some dirt disturbance around the kale. (which is untouched). The wonderment of gardening. Mice? Cutworm? I doubt squirrel. They're always over there, mostly to dig and plant their pecans.

Chickens are blocked but, something else is getting in.
New and improved (cold) frame type contraption.
I reseeded some more lettuce inside. Says it's better to direct sow but, hey, I'm a risk taker. I've seen it both ways.  March 15th I transplant cold weather crops. Broccoli, cauliflower and perhaps carrots. We'll see how they look.