Tuesday, January 21, 2020

It's Freezing! The Greenhouse is Icy. A New Gate Handle. And A Name Change

Feels like 16 degrees F outside. But, I have to go out yonder and let the bird out and fill the waterer and open the greenhouse. I empty the chicken's waterer at night when it's going to freeze. Don't want any ice expansion breaking it. The nipples were frozen but, one loosened up and is usable.

When I rolled the greenhouse door up, the inside of it was iced over. Thermometer says 30. The broccoli plants look like they've been sprayed with a clear coat of varnish. They're pretty stiff, too. Almost to the point of, mayhaps, breaking.

I've changed the title of this blog. Still the same URL as always. I'm trying to consolidate all my platforms to one name. Thanks for understanding and being a part of my life endeavors.

I wonder if this variety of broccoli doesn't produce larger heads? 

This is the plant I harvested earlier. Still a bunch of littler shoots to get.

Volunteer tater plant is frozen. I had it covered, for frost protection, too.

The old gate handle I whipped together, in a minute, was a bit too small for my finger. I had planned on making another one. But, never got around to it. Or, a round tuit. I made a point to get into the shop and make one. I actually made 2. I didn't care for the look of the first one I remade. I like the one on the gate now, much better. Fancy!

The old handle is closest to the gate on the cross member. Little bitty thing. The one next to it was my first replacement. I used it for a day, then decided it wasn't what I wanted. Serviceable but, unappealing.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Who's Been Eating My Turnip Greens?

Opened up the greenhouse the other day and while looking around noticed all my turnip leaves were gone. Just the stems left. Now, I only had a few plants, as I was experimenting, but, low-and-behold they've been eaten. It's not the first time my greens have been stolen and it's not really a loss because there were so few but, still...

It's a safe bet, mice are the culprit. I don't have any Victor Jrs., Too late anywho.

Short video. So short you'll miss it if you blink.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Friday, January 17, 2020

Bird Feeder Thief

I had the squirrels trained to stay out of the yard. Until, I put the screen back on my squirrel hunting window. They've been wandering around, stealthily lately.

I saw one today on the wild bird feeder. Like he owned it. I sneaked out the back door as quiet as I could. Before I got the storm door eased shut, he was over the fence and on the neighbor's shed. Guess it's time for the screen to come off, again.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Fast Food Joints

It's been years since I've visited a fast food place. I saw a commercial for a 2 for $5 at Hardee's. Now, it takes an Act of Congress to get me to go out and about; beyond my personal borders. Out in public! But, I've been hankering for a retail hamburger.

I pulled up my 'big boy' panties and tagged along with the whoa-man on a short shopping spree. Her sister's birthday is soon. Looked in 2 stores before the long awaited hamburger. But wait! Lowe's came up and I wanted to look at upright freezers and concrete and shingles and, and...

We stopped at Lowe's. Just to look.

The service at the Hardee's, we stopped at, was quick. The hamburgers. The long-anticipated, mouth-watering burger that I had remembered from long ago?
Adequate. Nothing to write home about. (even-though I am writing about it here)

Plus, I burped it all. after. noon. I'll stick with my homemade patties of fresh grilled lusciousness.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

First Greenhouse Broccoli

This is from the first/oldest plant. It was starting to go to seed. It's been pretty warm and I didn't open/vent the greenhouse as much as I should've. This is my first experience with a greenhouse and it's a mobile/unvented one. Broccoli doesn't like heat and I reckon I gave it too much.

I've already cooked it and it tastes terrific. Amazing how much better home grown foods are in comparison to store bought.

I also noticed more volunteer tater plants in the garlic patch. I had one that the frost killed. But, there's more emerging.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Odd Job Around the House

This house is 63 years old. We removed the old bathroom sink and installed a new one with vanity. (that was a post of its own)

The whoa-man commandeered a 60 some odd year old Singer sewing machine from the Senior whoa-man's back room. It's now in our spare bedroom and has been used a couple times. Works good, once you replace the 40 year old thread. (another Oh Bother)

The outlet in that room has seen, more than, better days. So worn out it's hard to get the plug to stay in. That's not safe. I replaced it with a shiny new one. The electrician that wired this room didn't waste any extra wire. Barely had enough to clear the box. Makes you want to smack somebody.