Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Backyard Project

In case you don't know, it has been muggy hot around here these past weeks. Hard to get anything done without taking a break and changing clothes. Almost, as if, someone sprayed you down wit the water hose.(without the coolness). Anyway...

The shop. Refurbished pallets, (including nails) storm windows, and old privacy fencing.

Dutch doors. I keep waiting for Mr. Ed to pop his head out and holler, "Wilburrr!"

Cantaloupes! Several this (baseball) size. 

The whoa-man bought a cluster of tomatoes, to eat, last winter. I took a slice of one of the maters and planted it. The plant is doing very well and is loaded with these clusters. 

Cherokee Purples. So much rain has them splitting but, they still taste good. 

We are finally enclosed in our own little backyard world.

The gate is working out well. No sag. No swelling (yet). Swings like a champ. 


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