Saturday, December 3, 2016

Cell Phone

I reckon I'll never understand why folks pay an enormous price for a cell phone. $300 - $600 a month? I couldn't convince myself I ever needed one, in the first place. However, I must've been in my mid 40s when I purchased my first. I decided it would be a good idea to have one, if and when I was on a trip.
I didn't need or want a permanent one so, chose a Tracfone. 30 days would be ample time to get to and from my yearly destinations. Well, the years passed and I've grown fond of the texting feature. I still use a Tracfone, as does the whoa-man. Our combined bill is, right at, $200 a YEAR. Rarely, do I use the data or talking minutes. Suits us fine. I still shake my head, in disbelief, why others pay so much.
Once a year I renew my plan. Yes, my unused minutes roll over and are added to the new ones. But, the service days are not. Actually, all I'm doing is adding more texting units and 365 days of service. My kind of deal.
Renewal time is nearing and I noticed that last year I completed my renewal a day earlier than the due date. (used to lose your phone number if time ran out. I think it's changed now and a grace period is given but, I'm not taking any chances) My new due date was now a day earlier. That got me to thinking...
For each year I renew a day early, I lose a day of service. So, in 365 years I'll have paid for a year's service that I'll never get. 

That ain't right.


  1. Two of our boys use tracfone. If you buy your minutes on-line, you can add just texting minutes, if that is all you need.
    I don't get the huge bills either; but then I don't needing to talk on them all the time, either.
    You all have a blessed December!

  2. I pay for my and my sons service. Close to 190 a month but mine is my phone and computer. His is just a regular flip phone. I was contemplating changing from Verizon to AT&T because I have Directv and AT&T owns them. If I bundle I can save a little bit of money. But I'm not sure if the phone would work where I live. That was the whole deal behind having Verizon. They were the only ones that the phone would work out where I live. :( I also do a LOT of texting.


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