Saturday, September 17, 2016


I received an email today from a Mike Jones. He says he and his family are from Syria and are in desperate need of financial assistance. A lot of broken english and poorly formed sentence structure: trying to lure an unsuspecting old man in. I really wanted to respond but, the last time I busted a scam artist, I was scolded relentlessly. And, then I laughed and laughed and laughed.

I used to get emails from Ukrainian and Russian females looking for a good time. Wonder what happened to them? Maybe Mike knows?

Then, it hit me. I never knew Jones was a Syrian/Arabian surname. And, Mike, too?  How about you. Ever heard of such?


  1. The first time I got a political email from Mike Johnson, I thought it was you until I looked at the return email address. He was just looking for political donations, though.

    I don't get many of those scam emails any more. Every once in a while one will slip through the filters. But not often.
    Hope you all have a blessed Sunday, Mike. Be safe.

  2. I don't hear from Mike, but Katarina says she can show me how to get some um, well, uh, never mind what she's willing to me how to get! hahaha, Seriously, who has time to type junk mail letters?


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