Friday, September 16, 2016

A Stick and Some Chunks of Pallet

As Tom Jones would sing, 'It's not unusual'..

I found a branch laying in the yard one day and this is what I had to say,

A pecan branch falls from the tree.
A light bulb illuminates over and above me. 
What's in my mind you may want to ask?
Stick around and I'll finish the task.

Everybody needs a good mallet. This one is lightweight and will be used to smash my finger on many occasions to come.  

I'm not the greatest videographer around and this video is far from mesmerizing but, if you'd like to see the build...You Tube Channel   Don't tell the whoa-man where her knife is. 

On another note; Blogger decided to change my settings and remove my email notification for comments left on MY posts. So very thoughtful of them. I've changed it back. Perhaps, I'll be better informed now. 


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  1. Now that is a great idea! Thanks for sharing, Mike. You all have a safe, blessed weekend.


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