Saturday, July 2, 2016

Garden, Weeds and Chickens

July is here. It's hot and humid. I'm a big fan of hot but, outside, a big fan would be great. Any hootch, a few pictures from the garden and surrounding area.

A volunteer cantaloupe. Huge but, no buds yet. 

The neighbor told me Cherokee Purple maters didn't do good here. Hmmm...

Watermelon beef.

Goose demanding weeds from the garden.

Just a handful. Don't want them too spoiled. 

The 2 broody Banties. Lacey (on the right) bites hard and never retreats.


  1. Very nice plants and animals you have. Rick

  2. Everything is looking good, Mike. Hot and humid here, too. I know what you mean about needing a fan outside!
    Hope you all have a safe, blessed, Independence Day.


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