Friday, June 17, 2016

Landscaping, Surgery Fails, Yardening, Maters and Cukes

New shutter and mailbox bed design.

Everybody needs to lay in the same nest

Goose is 4 years old this year and with combining the banties, she's no longer low man on the chicken pole. 

Determinate cherry mater given to me by the neighbor

Crystal Apple Cuke. Tried these last year. Great looking plants but, no fruit. This year is turning out different.

Side flower bed with hostas and a gray paint test.

Front left.

Front right

Mailbox with gladiolus and day lillies

Vine borer destruction to my squash plants.

The Apple Cucumber plant

Danner cukes

Bad pic - watermelon beef and pineapple beef. There's maters on the left one (wm beef)

Another bad pic - Golden Queen, Volunteer Cantaloupe, Cherokee Purple. 
Busy around here but, the garden took a beating. Vine borer surgery, pretty much, failed. Tiny fruit and plants separating from the roots. I've replanted some.


  1. Weather did in our gardens for the most part. We have a few tomato plants still producing, but the beans are slowly drowning because the raised bed can't drain with standing water around it.
    Oh well. Maybe this fall we'll have better luck.
    The plants you have look real good, Mike.

  2. Those crystal apples look great. We bought some seeds but didn't plant them. Ran out of room in the box. We did get a little harvest today of some beans and peas and the kids were thrilled. I posted it on our Chivalrous FB page.


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