Monday, May 23, 2016

An Ass Load of Pictures

This looks like a good place to save some pictures. In no particular order.

Moved the Banties in with the large birds. Using their run as a new storage area for the LT and Mr. Jones. New tarps on order.

The larger of the garden areas

I thought these plants were too young to produce. They have slowed on the growth though. 

Pine needles, as mulch, from the neighbor's tree. 

First day of sunshine in a long time. 

The 2 boys. Larry and the Lieutenant. Put a new part (have the scar to prove it) on the deck lifting mechanism. It is no longer wired up in a one position height. I also sharpened the blades.

Made a flat spade out of one of my shovels. Edging in progress. 

Didn't get a good, before the edge, pic but...
it was worse in other areas.

Bush beans in the front yard under the neighbor's noses. 
Springtime is a busy time. It's been cool here. Too cool. It's been rainy. Too rainy. Heat's on its way, though and the dry out begins.

Yards to cut. Fence to build. Tarps to replace. Grass to seed and feed. Flower beds to landscape. Etc, etc, etc...


  1. We've had lots of rain here in south Texas so lots of mowing but the cows are happy.

  2. Surprise! :) I am working third shift, bored, and decided to go to my blog. Haven't been here in forever. And to my surprise you are blogging again! Nice to see you again. :o) I hope this finds you and the Whoa-man in good health and happy.


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