Sunday, June 1, 2014


I've been playing a little game with the rats getting in the run. They were too smart for Victor but, due to their size, they could no longer squeeze between the wire mesh of the chicken wire. So, they dug. Every morning I'd go out, find their spot, dig a trench and bury left over wire. This way when they tried another dig their attempts would be (curses, foiled again)

We played this game for awhile until, one day, there were no more tunnels. Had I defeated them? I think I had. I saw nothing for days and days. But, one day I saw the shadowy figures darting around. They were back. I could never find a new dig. These were smaller ones, able to slip through the wire. A new generation in town.

I knew they were young and hoped they would be inexperienced enough for Victor. They were! He caught 2 the first night. I reset him once. Another one was caught this morning. I believe I'll set up 2 tonight.

And, because I love my neighbor so well, I set the bodies over the fence into her yard. The clean up crew comes through at night and removes them. Is it the coons or some free-running cat? Who's to say? All I know is the bodies are gone the next morning.


  1. (your neighbor is out there with a flashlight, picking up carcasses, cursing your name...) :)

  2. That's one way to recycle. :-)
    Congratulations and have a great week!

  3. we have some of Victors family visiting here this weekend, hope they catch those nasty varmits.

  4. You and John could get into some serious trouble together.

  5. hahahahaha, almost spit my cereal out! Dear neighbor, it pays to be nice!

  6. HAS been a while since I've visited you. :(


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