Friday, June 13, 2014

I Had A Flash Back

Although, I don't feel extremely old, I did grow up a long time ago. My youthful memories are filled with outdoor play in the heat of the Deep South summers. Funny, I can't recall any cold, winter days. Except, the time I walked a couple miles to a good sized hill for some snowy, sliding fun. Fun, until I was hurting from the exposure and still had to walk back home. My hands, fingers and toes were so cold, I remember crying, while trying to warm them in front of the oven.

Ya see, we didn't have those electronic games. We had light sockets and frogs, electrical outlets and a nail. A bicycle with cards in the spokes and bare feet on the blistering neighborhood sidewalks. G.I. Joe and all his equipment. The original, not the 'real hair guy or kung fu grip wimp'.

Okay, we did have the electrical trains. But, after a couple trips around and round, they were about as boring as a Nascar race. We were forced to watch The Lawrence Welk show, learn to square dance and not to fart or cuss around the girls.

Outside, making homemade ice cream with Dad. Wiping the sweet juice of a perfectly ripened watermelon from your chin. And, who can forget the bloody, stubbed toe on those dreaded tar strips separating the concrete squares of the sidewalks?