Friday, August 11, 2017

Twin Planters

The whoa-man wanted two planters for each side of the gate. Just like Elton John, she got a picture from a magazine.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Backyard Project

In case you don't know, it has been muggy hot around here these past weeks. Hard to get anything done without taking a break and changing clothes. Almost, as if, someone sprayed you down wit the water hose.(without the coolness). Anyway...

The shop. Refurbished pallets, (including nails) storm windows, and old privacy fencing.

Dutch doors. I keep waiting for Mr. Ed to pop his head out and holler, "Wilburrr!"

Cantaloupes! Several this (baseball) size. 

The whoa-man bought a cluster of tomatoes, to eat, last winter. I took a slice of one of the maters and planted it. The plant is doing very well and is loaded with these clusters. 

Cherokee Purples. So much rain has them splitting but, they still taste good. 

We are finally enclosed in our own little backyard world.

The gate is working out well. No sag. No swelling (yet). Swings like a champ. 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Monday, May 22, 2017

2017 Garden Action

First cuke coming along.

Cherokee Purple maters.

Italian green beans ready to pick.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Shutters Complete and a Spice Rack

Shutters built, painted and installed. Plus, a spice rack emerged from the shop, this morning.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

This, that and a stitch or three...

What's been going on Out Yonder? Well, I'll tell you.

I finally gave up Facebook. Actually, I kept the page open, just in case someone needed my expertise and all knowing brain power. Ha! Like that's happened or will any rate, I'll get an email notification and don't have to visit daily/hourly. What I did do is remove all my bookmarks so it's no longer visible to me.(out of sight, out of mind) I also removed my videos from You Tube and deleted my Twitter account. Why? I found myself getting pissed off every time I visited one of those places. So much bullshit. I don't need all the lies and drama coming from those sites. Can't do anything about the news, anyway. Didn't grow up with them, don't need them now. I feel better after several weeks have passed without them.Who knows, if I keep my head in the sand long enough, I may find a diamond.

The last 4 days of February I had been having consistent chest aches and some numbness. I've had them before but, they weren't too worrisome. I always thought of them as pings and pangs of old age. Until, the evening of the 28th. I had a hot flash from hell and my left forearm and hand went numb. I sat there for 15 minutes wondering if this was 'the big one'. It wasn't but, it convinced me to go to the VA and get checked out. Course, I had to wait until 4 AM the following morning so I wouldn't be bothered with traffic and possible wait times. I was seen immediately and hooked up to an EKG. Had blood drawn and a potassium IV. By 7AM I was admitted to the hospital and for the next 10 hours would undergo a deluge of tests. Liver ultrasound, chest xray and cavity echo. Also, a stress test with heart imaging. Plus, 3 more blood draws. All the while getting free wheel chair rides from my personal Uber driver, everywhere I went. They treated me very well. However, found zero, notta, nothing, zilch of a reason why. No solutions. No answers. My doctor admitted she was amazed at my health. A regular marvel of modern day medicine.

Hurricane Matthew left the Sr.Whoa-man's house with some damage. Her insurance took care of it and afterwards I was blessed with 10 pallets and a dozen 2 x 4 x 16s. The 2 x 4s were exactly what I needed for a rafter structure for my (temporary/no permit required) shop. Have a ways to go to enclose it yet but, it's dry and enough room where I don't trip over myself or bump into the walls of the metal shed. The metal shed will be Larry and Mr. Jones' house when I'm ready to move all my woodworking tools. I have $34 in this structure; the 2 tarps I bought from Harbor Freight.

This larger area is 11' by 15'. The smaller section, with the pallets across, 8' x 11', is Larry and Mr. Jones' hide out, for now. 

The end section, with pallet wood wall, is complete. I may or may not enclose the overhang. 

The back side is being worked on now. I take my time to keep the heat stroke away.

Here's a 'listen to yourself' story. This string is attached to the overlapping tarp above. It keeps the wind under control. Well, the other day we had a massive rainstorm. So much, the water couldn't run off fast enough. It gathered in the tarps and created huge 'ponds' or containment areas. Along with the rain was some pretty strong wind. Needless to say, the roof took an ass-beating. I didn't get a picture but, the screw and string held firm and left a ginormous water bubble. Now, I told myself not to do it but, who listens to me? I grabbed the string with my left hand and started unscrewing the screw. Again, I warned myself to go about it a different way...

Nope, not listening. I was very fortunate, after the screw embedded itself between the palm skin and hand that the water contained poured out as quickly as it did. I was left with the half inch hole and a good sized pocket within. I could only laugh as I thought about returning to the Urgent Care for stitches. However, I taped it up and it's doing fine without. 

The chickens are still out yonder. Goose has aggravated me so much this year (already), with her constant squawking/honking, I've threatened to put a pellet in her head. She doesn't listen to me either. 4 years old and still as goofy and flighty as she ever was. Lord, help me. (or her)
And, I am officially retired. Once again, I am on the governments' payroll. Do what I want when I want and get paid. Ahhhh....