Thursday, December 28, 2017

Kitchen Cabinets are Done

The building and painting is done. Next year(?) we'll replace the countertop and sink. The whoa-man wants another fridge and a pantry-type cabinet between it and the washer/dryer. The list is long and keeps growing.

A short, crappy video on You Tube ---->   Kitchen Remod

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Monsieur Possum

This is the 4th. First night. Used a piece of pork steak.

Anyone up for lunch?

The family will be surprised when I show up with this morsel for Christmas dinner.

Friday, December 15, 2017

More Kitchen Remod

So long dishwasher

Keeping the counter top, for the moment, will build the cabinet from within. 

As I had hoped, the dishwasher wire was long enough to install an outlet above the counter.

Drawers made and installed today.

Keeping the top gave me no choice but to build the cabinet piece by piece. My thighs and back are worn slap out. Can't hardly stand up. I'll rest a few days and will be fine. Need to fill the holes in the fronts, slip a shelf in, make the doors and paint. Getting there.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Kitchen Remod +

Getting around to finishing the kitchen cabinets. Plus, more shop piddlin' inbetween.


After. Paint, anyone?

Turtle intarsia/carving. Not too impressed with this one. Needs some highlights, I reckon.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Another Shop Project

Yet, another Christmas gift. This one's for the MIL. Nothing fancy. Mediocre wood.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Shop Work

The whoa-man had an idea for a coworkers' Christmas gift...

She likes anything Panda...

A little band saw.  A little dremel and, voila!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Hen House Hysteria!

We've had a possum around for awhile. Actually, I killed a couple small ones a month, or so back. I haven't seen one since the whoa-man left for Florida last week. However, last night when she let Higgins out for the last potty run, there it was. I grabbed the flashlight but, never saw anything. It had disappeared into the darkness.

Off to bed.

Rise and shine at 0600.  It's dark out yonder. Wait, I hear a noise. What is it? I listen and there it is again. It's coming from the hen house. It's Chatty. As I open the back door I hear her squawk and know from the sound she's run-flying away from something. From what? Has to be the possum.

I grab the pellet/BB gun and flashlight, slip into hunter mode and head into the darkness. Gun in my right hand; safety off. Light in my left hand scanning back and forth. In the run I see Chatty on open ground. Feathers are ruffled but, seems to be okay. She staggers around on her (already) gimpy leg. Goose is on her outside perch snoring away.

I peek into the coop door window and see nothing. No birds on the roosts nor a woolly booger. I remember Esther stole Goose's spot in the rafters. I look through the vent. Yep, there she is and beside her, and in my face, is Wilma and Maggie. No movement, no sound. Had they jumped I'd've shit myself, I'm sure of that. I back up and start looking under the coop. And, that's when I see it. Possum! Pretty big. He, she, it (I'll use he) was positioned just out from under the coop in a stare down with Chatty. I was about 3 ft. from him on the other side of the wire. As my light hits him, he just stares at me. No fear! Well, I was cautious but, determined to remove this threat once and for all. And, I have to do it with the flickering, dimming light of a cheap flashlight.

I eased the rifle barrel through the wire and stopped about a foot from his head. Positioned the light over the barrel so I could see something that resembled proper sight alignment. Aiming for a head shot, I put the light back on him and, FIRED! He takes off under the coop and headed for the far back corner. I pumped the single shot rifle to its maximum pressure, found him and hit him again. He moved off under the porch steps toward the run where Chatty is. Chatty has not moved. It's DARK and she's scared, for sure.

I look under the coop and steps to the chicken coop entrance door. I look toward Chatty. Nothing. I don't see him. Did he find an escape? I'm at the front of the pen now, close to Chatty. I still don't see him. I shine the light in the chicken's door to the coop. There he is. As I spotlight him, he climbs into one of the nesting boxes, turns, faces me and glares. Defiant I tell ya.

Let's do this again. He's about 12 ft. from me inside a nesting box. That makes it even darker than it already is. I crouch at the pen gate and slide the barrel through the wire. Using it as a crutch, once again, I shine the light down the sights and align them at, what I think is, his head. Put the light back on him and take the shot. He doesn't move. Did I miss? I didn't hear the BB hit the wall. Surely, I hit him. Then, he wavers back and forth and leaves the nesting box. He makes a turn and moves deeper into the coop, out of sight. I'm assuming he has 3 BBs in him now so, food is probably not on his mind. Besides, the birds are high in the rafters and should be safe, at this point.

A few seconds after I lose sight of him, I hear a thump. Then, a couple more. What's with that? I'm not going in the pen. The only way I can see inside the coop from this side is through the chicken entrance. I am not sticking my head into that hole. Nope. Not me. I move around to the big door where I can peek into the window again. Well, look here. There he lays on his side. Lifeless? Ha. Don't ever believe a possum is dead. You'll end up bit. I watched for a few and, sure enough, saw him inhale and exhale a big breath. Was that his last?

Daylight pictures. My encounter was in total darkness using a flashlight.

The initial approach

The coop door window

Possum was in the middle of the pic. Feathers are from molting, not an attack.
Internet picture. Couldn't get a live pic of the one I encountered. I dealt with possums several times in my life. They are some mean creatures. 

The girls entrance. 4 ft. within the darkness is the nesting box. Straight and true. Oh look! Wilma.

His new resting spot in the old garden area.
I figured he got in through the tractor area. However, he attacked too late. Had he been even 15 minutes earlier, Chatty would surely have been dinner. As it stands everyone is safe. I think they're singing Elvis's song, "I'm all shook up", though.